Toby ISC

0 - intro

1 - intro and chars

2 - cb hears about the intentionally shitty comics museum and tells his friends and q decides to find it

3 - dann makes a speech about the forthcoming adventure, braves censors it

4 - our heroes go to see the museum and they're there, but something is wrong

5 - oh no someone fooled them it is not intentionally shitty comics museum it is shitty museum yay then dann and cb decide to explore it with the gang

6 - everyone is playing in the museum but finally they start exploring for fun but ness and cb stay behind eating dinoshroom??

7 - atti unfoils the plan but no one listens!! cb and ness come in to save the day though because they have shroomvision and see the door to the SECRET COMMIE LAB BASE

8 - new members grendle and mike form a secret scheme! meanwhile, eli opens the doors with his awesome powers and free enters