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Joint ISC 1: Hunger Strike is up!

fishmeats 1-20-04

jOINT isc BY gRENDY AND ELI!! i'm hungry now

the thrilling conclusion 1-15-04

i'm using PNG now. take note.

SA Forums are food 1-15-04

Eli likes the new ISC.

Of Wolves and the Guns That Kill Them 9-20-03

This is a guest comic for World Domination. Eli didn't accept it. Find out why!

Of Ramblings and Rants about Ramblings 8-31-03

Delve deep into the chasms of my mind. It is the Thief and Shingo. DO LIEK SHINGO

doop 8-21-03


The Asshole 7-23-03

He's an asshole, he's an asshole, what an asshooole. He's an asshooo(he's the world's biggest asshole!)oole!

Public Service Announcement. 7-21-03

I think today's comic speaks for itself.

i love you. 5-18-03

By popular demand, MGD (Mongolian Death Worms) 2. Enjoy. Edit: It's not April 16 anymore. Hee.

yargrblarghr 4-16-03

New ISC.Pearl Jam concert rocked, btw.

gambobo 4-3-03

New ISC. For those who don't get it (everyone), it's a ripoff of an old SNL skit called Sabba Price is Right. Fucking hilarious. Pearl Jam concert later today, expect a report.

what the fuck? 3-26-03

sigh. I'm lazier than I thought. Lately, I've COMPLETELY forgotten about the webnetpage side of making comics. If you like to read my forum posts in tandem with browing this here webpage, you may have noticed that the site is around 2 months behind in terms of linkage to comics. Blah. Anyway, that's fixed (i think), and I figure as long as I'm doing html I might as well think up ideas for a new ISC. However, i've got a bitchload of schoolwork between me and productiveness. So yeah. I should be stabbed for my laziness. Sorry.

hmm 3-6-03

i'm a lazy bitch, i know. I have a nice birthday thing for eli up and i should have an isc up at some point. here's the eli comic as the big link up there somewhere will be replaced with a link to the new isc whenever i finish that so yay

holy shit sry 2-09-03

okay, ISC gear 9 has been up for a week or so but i forgot to say anything about it on the site here. so anyway if you haven't seen it yet you might as well go now. hoorj.


Today is the day of my birthing. A celebration is in order. CELEBRATE!!!!

MISCHIEF 1-16-03

The mischief series makes its triumphant return with the first official appearance of Mike the Lanceman in any of my comics! What importance this has with anything is questionable but anyway GO READ HIS COMICS they are rock. yeah.

whoops 1-14-03

I put up some comic of some sort that's been ready for about a week. I kinda forgot about it. So there ya go, new comic. I could call it ISC 14 but I won't because i'm a dick.

title 1-12-03

I updated with a new ISC which may or may not be a good thing. Decided to put every ISC member i could think of in there and may have got their colors or whatever wrong so whatever. Anyway go read it.

VICTORY 1-08-03

Big fucking thanks to all those who voted for me! The wallpaper I promised will be delivered, but it will undoubtedly take me a while because I'm making sure it's reeking of quality by building it from the ground up without any prerendered components! Yes. I should have a new ISC up tomorrow and a new ISC Gear... sometime. This one's just taking me a while because I'm planning a few comics ahead because of my big, most likely impossible plan for ISC Gear... I plan on releasing a new ISC Gear every (other) week! indeed! oh, and for the time being, all the comics are linked to directly with no html pages for viewing. The html pages will be up shortly, however. Anyway, thanks again for everything, ISC!

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