Miscellanous Junk

Ah, here is where the odds and ends of the comic universe reside. These comics don't have anything to do with the plot of RTC Files, or even with each other. However, occassionaly humor is included at no extra cost.

RTC Shorts
Right to Clone
This isn't the AAA, just a mindless remake of my first comic.
Right to Censor Z
Despite the fact I am against anime, I am not afraid to make fun of it.
It's War!!!!
This is from the Yahoo groups days, and well, as you may know Yahoo can be a pain in the a$$!
Tropical Depression
When you get visited by a tropical storm on a Friday, you tend to get disgruntled.
All About Heart
The moral of the story is don't mess with the author. Even if you are the author in comic form.
Fun With Prohibition
Some people in ISC drink too much booze, and it's up to the RTC to stop it.

Video Game Classics
This is when I took a shot at reviewing old videogames, ISC style. It didn't last very long but I might come back to it eventually.
Final Fantasy
Super Mario Bros. 3

Odds and Ends
Interlude: Christmas Vacation
I take cheap shots at other ISCers, then set-up the worst comic ever made. Must've been in a bad mood.
Osama, Yo Mama!
Well, I must've been feeling patriotic, but this turned out badly. This is why I don't make sprite comics. Look at this if you want to make my other comics look good.
Season 2 Promo
Uh, for some reason I decided to make this worthless promo rather than actually start Part 11. I've since come to my senses and stopped promos and relegated this junk here.
Daniel's Comic
I take a lot of cheap shots at my brother so I decided to let him make a comic. The result: odd. At any rate don't blame it on me I just put it up for him.
Alternate RTC File: Part 39
Well okay only the last couple of panels changed but it would've changed the story.

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