Right to Censor Comics

This is where my masterpieces are indexed. In other words, tons of poorly drawn comics reside in these hallowed halls. Ok, enough fancy vocabulary, just pick what you want to look at.

The RTC Files--Episode 1
Episode one features the RTC battling against the "evil" ogre Onyx. The reason you ask? To boost morale of course!
Part 1: Plotting Evil
Part 2: It's Q!!!!
Part 3: Dial E for Eli
Part 4: A Prize in Every Box!
Part 5: The Plot Thickens (Some)
Part 6: Ogre Slaying for Dummies
Part 7: Ogre Battle 64
Part 8: Tag Team Chumps
Part 9: Swordity Swords
Part 10: ISC-Incredibly Stupid Conclusion

The RTC Files--Episode 2
Episode two pits the RTC against the hordes of anime, represented by the trio of idiots known as the AAA. Who will win this clash of the clueless?
Part 11: Anime Strikes
Part 12: Missing in Action???
Part 13: Ghetto Playas
Part 14: Classified Information
Part 15: Old Skool
Part 16: Attack of the Plot
Part 17: Silent but Harmless
Part 18: That's Right, a Biplane
Part 19: Sudden Death
Part 20: Loose Ends

The RTC Files--Episode 3
The RTC summons Jigglypuff to wreak havoc on the world. But what happens when the Chief is forced to get involved in a Yu-gi-oh duel?
Part 21: Diabolical Trivia
Part 22: Down with Ratings
Part 23: Dark Forces
Part 24: Power of the Punch
Part 25: Motivational Speaking
Part 26: Seven Days
Part 27: Brotherly Love
Part 28: The Duel
Part 29: More Duelin'
Part 30: The Forbidden One

The RTC Files--Episode 4
Can an army of clones defeat anime? Or will a secret weapon bring victory to the forces of darkness?
Part 31: Crossing Over
Part 32: Rent-a-Horde
Part 33: The Game of World Domination
Part 34: Anime IS Evil?!
Part 35: The Friendly Skies
Part 36: World Class Boxing
Part 37: War is Heck
Part 38: Flashback to the Future
Part 39: Weapon of Choice
Part 40: Hoop Dreams
Part 41: It's Dangerous to Go Alone

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